Atlas Peak

Late fall each year brings a crispness to the air, it all ads up to our olive harvest time at the ranch. It also brings family and friends together to help in the years harvest. We have always looked forward to the fall in Napa Valley; it is the tradition of a harvest passed down on the Atlas Peak Ranch year after year.

So at the crack of dawn, it’s all hands out to the olive orchard, buckets in hand. Truth is gathering olives will always been hard work but everybody pitches in and loves it. Cathy and her son lead the way, filling up the harvest bins. We treat the olives that come from our oldest trees with special care they are unique to our ranch. After all Atlas Peak has been home to the Hammond clan since 1882. So you can imagine how each year the traditions of the past, blend to bring out the unique flavors found in each and every bottle of Atlas Peak Olive Oil.

Each year the just harvested olives head to the local presser. This years appellation will be pressed and stored to age for a few long months, then the oil is ready to bottle in early spring. Its only when the first new pressing is uncorked, and it passes the Hammond family’s taste test, will it be ready for the weekly Napa and Calistoga Farmer’s Markets.

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